Roundtable News Digest

One of several email designs for Clarkson’s office of Development & Alumni Relations to support various initiatives, including a focus on stewardship and young alumni engagement. This is the visual design for an online newsletter from that office, which wanted to spotlight recent graduates and how they benefited from donations to The Clarkson Fund. This design was well-received and was ultimately modified and used as a template for the engineering school.

I like creating new visual designs for print and web projects and I enjoy solving the problem of how to make information on the web easier to consume for our alumni and peers. This comp was designed to be mobile-first. Most email is received and read on mobile devices, so legibility at a small screen size was critically important. The use of white space and excerpts instead of full article content keeps things simple and uncluttered, and clear calls to action invite young alumni back to the web to not just consume the rest of the content in the newsletter, but contribute to it by sharing their stories. All of this reinforces the Roundtable sub-brand and the importance of annual giving to benefit future Clarkson students.

Contract: In-House/Full-Time
Project Type: Web/UI
Client: Clarkson
Date Completed: December 2016
Skills & Software Used: InDesign, Photoshop