Web: CU Student Life

In late 2016 I started contributing to the conversations and design decisions made by the web team in creative meetings. For one of these meetings I mocked up a concept for a redesign of Clarkson University’s student life page. I envisioned a mobile-first modular design with content from social media, especially Instagram and Twitter, playing a part in the look and feel of the undergraduate experience.

The modular design would also illustrate the diversity of student life and activities, and the idea that your experience at Clarkson is greater than the sum of its parts. For parents and alumni, I wanted easy access to testimonials and student profiles. I created a side menu to the right to hold that content, and combined that with clear calls to action to feature other important brand components.

I imagined a clean and minimal footer for the page, free of the clutter typical of a large organization. A deliberate choice to keep things simple in two columns contrasts with the rest of the content on the page and underscores the diversity and wide range of activities available to students. In keeping with that simplicity, I imagined what a streamlined brand mark for the university might look like, and how it might look with the rest of the content on the page.

Contract: In-House/Full-Time
Project Type: Web/UI
Client: Clarkson
Date Completed: December 2016
Skills & Software Used: InDesign, Photoshop